A short buzzer click, and you can start to enjoy your off time after work – time recording in real time, that’s also fun

Time recording is often an unpopular task. In many companies, time must be allocated to certain projects or cost centers. But during a stressful working day this can be easily forgotten, since it’s perceived as annoying and impractical.

The result: the typical subsequent recording just before the end of the workday or at the end of the month. This consumes time and is inaccurate. On average, 45 minutes per week are wasted by employees on their time recording.Consultancy firms often forecast sales to decline by more than 1% due to an inaccurate time recording, because customers complain about inaccurate invoices and invoiced hours.

timeBuzzer offers an innovative solution to prevent this.

The highlight feature: the time recording on the computer is manually controlled through a buzzer device. Projects, customers and cost centers can be selected by turning, and the time recording can be started and stopped with the buzzer. This can be done very quickly, and the fun factor will immediately motivate you to record your time, which will result in significantly more precise times. The timeBuzzer either works as a stand-alone solution, or as an extension for already installed time acquisition software.

Teams can be managed in the timeBuzzer Cloud, and the team’s times can be consolidated and evaluated.

Via open API and interfaces, timeBuzzer can be integrated into existing software environments such as project management solutions.

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