Why is time tracking with timeBuzzer faster?

In average employees spend 45 minutes per week to track their time. Since time tracking with timeBuzzer works in real time, you save approximately 50 percent of time.


Who buys timeBuzzer?

timeBuzzer is for all people who track their time based on projects or on clients, for instance lawyers, architects, designer, consultants, IT developers, auditors or insurance agents.



What is the timeBuzzer cloud?

Your recorded times are automatically transferred into your timeBuzzer cloud account. Within your account, you are able to manage, edit and export your time data. You are able to access the cloud account by any device. Moreover, you can connect your favorite tools with timeBuzzer via the cloud account.


In which order will timeBuzzer be connected to partner solutions?

timeBuzzer will increase the number of partner solutions steadily. The priorisation depends on the feedback of our customers. Please let us know if your product is not connected yet. Moreover, timeBuzzer offers a free API.


How many projects, customers, or tasks can be adressed with timeBuzzer?

There are unlimited projects, customers or tasks which can be used in the timeBuzzer App. Moreover, our flexible data structure offers the connection between customers and projects, for instance.


Can I use timeBuzzer in my team?

Of course. With timeBuzzer cloud we provide a user management offering multiple users as well as team reporting and role management.


Is it possible to track my time after work? If yes, how does it work?

Yes. You are able to track the time by editing the reporting sheet in your cloud account.


What about a Bluetooth Buzzer?

A wireless solution via Bluetooth needs batteries. With daily usage they would beempty on a monthly basis. That’s not good enough to us. The Buzzer will be used at your working place and has to work perfectly. If you are away on business, you can operate the timeBuzzer app with your mouse, keys or touch. Also mobile apps will be available soon. We work on a Bluetooth version with longer battery life. When we are ready with that, the Buzzer will be also available with Bluetooth.