Why is time tracking with timeBuzzer faster?

On average, employees spend 45 minutes per week on tracking their time. TimeBuzzer eliminates the need for a subsequent recording through a real-time acquisition. This provides time savings of about 50%.


For whom is timeBuzzer intended?

timeBuzzer is for anyone who wants to record their work time on a project or client-related basis. This includes include freelancers, lawyers, graphic designers, tax consultants, auditors, consultants, architects or software developers.



What is the timeBuzzer cloud?

Your recorded times are automatically transferred into your timeBuzzer cloud account. In addition, the timeBuzzer Cloud will synchronize your recorded times, no matter on which device you use timeBuzzer. Therefore, your time data will always up to date. It is also possible to connect timeBuzzer to numerous third-party solutions via the cloud, for example for project management and invoicing applications.


IIn which order will timeBuzzer connections to third-party solutions become available?

timeBuzzer will steadily increase the number of third-party connection options. These options will be expanded gradually. Please let us know if you need a third-party connector that is not yet available. In addition, timeBuzzer also offers an open interface for developers.


How many projects, customers, or tasks can be displayed with timeBuzzer?

You can display as many projects, customers or tasks as you want in the timeBuzzer App. You can also fully utilize our flexible data structure, for example, to link customers and projects.


Can I also use timeBuzzer in a team?

Of course! timeBuzzer can also be used by several different users. For this, the timeBuzzer Cloud offers a user management for several different users, as well as a team reporting and role management functionality.


Is it possible to perform a subsequent time recording? If yes, how does it work?

Yes. You can enter individual times, as well as several entries in the evaluation view of your cloud account.


Why isn't timeBuzzer available with Bluetooth?

A wireless Bluetooth solution requires batteries that need to be replaced almost every month if the device is used on a daily basis. That's too unreliable for us. The buzzer is intended to be used at the workplace, and should work absolutely smoothly. You can also use the timeBuzzer App with a keyboard, mouse or touch screen when you're on the road, and the mobile timeBuzzer apps will be available soon. However, we are currently working on a Bluetooth version with a longer battery life. As soon as this is ready for the market, timeBuzzer will also be available with Bluetooth.