Free Time Tracking

Time tracking is an important part of work — a tedious and bothersome part of work, however. Time tracking needs to be quick, simple and, ideally, free of cost. Here, you can learn some tips for free time tracking solutions.

Simple, free and customizable time tracking

There are many ways to track your working hours. You can start by using Excel or a software solution, for example. timeBuzzer provides you with different alternatives. You can keep track of your time, whenever and wherever you want – and it’s simple, easy to understand and precise. If you are experience. However, you can also track your time while traveling, using your laptop, tablet or smartphone to access your recorded times and adding new input – as a team or on your own.

Free time tracking with the desktop app

With the timeBuzzer desktop app you can track your working hours on your PC in a practical and structured way. It is laid out in such a way, that it is easy to understand, using colors as visual cues to quickly differentiate between clients and projects. You can also customize timeBuzzer to your needs. Set up your categories in up to three levels- You can choose whether you want to distinguish between clients, projects, mandates or other categories. In addition, you have the possibility to add notes to every recorded time. In this way, you and your team are always aware of the current status of hours logged for a client or project. This desktop app is clear and intuitive to use – with or without the Buzzer.

Free time tracking online

You can also use the timeBuzzer online in your browser. This is especially useful if you are working in a team and not on your own. All of the tracked times can be evaluated and managed together. They can then be downloaded as an Excel or PDF file. When you use the online time tracking tool, you always have a clear overview of the activities and progress of your team.

Time tracking using the Buzzer

The Buzzer is ideal for tracking your time in the office. Its ergonomic surface, aluminum casing and slip-resistant base are elements of the high quality of the design, which is what this time tracking solution is all about. It is equipped with a proximity sensor, Micro-USB-ports for wires of various lengths and LED luminescence, which is active when the Buzzer is in use.

Free time tracking with the Mobile App

The Mobile App is a must-have for travelers, digital nomads and everyone, who does no always work at the same desk. It gives you the freedom you need to work well. The Mobile App for iOS and Android will be available soon. This will be the beginning of simple time tracking with your smart phone.

Free time tracking with Excel

Another possibility for free time tracking is the use of Excel. As you need to set up a table in Excel to track your time, you can create a table that is customized to your specific needs. Most Excel table used to track time consist of the following columns:

  • Date
  • Start (work)
  • End (work)
  • Break
  • Net time

For this to work, you must enter the start and end time for your work. If you interrupt your work, you need to enter in the break time. The following equation is used by Excel to automatically calculate the time needed, by subtracting the breaks:

“Net time = ( Start – End ) – Breaks”

This table is sufficient for free time tracking. This table can be expanded, of course. You can add additional records of hours worked (flexitime accounts), manage time budgets and create evaluations.

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