Time tracking you will love.

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When the buzzer is touched, the timeBuzzer App will open.


Turn the Buzzer to navigate through categories such as customers, projects or cost centers.


By pushing down on the buzzer, you can start and stop your time tracking.


The Buzzer will be illuminated during the time tracking.


  • Super fast.
  • No subsequent entries needed anymore.


  • Identify unprofitable tasks.
  • Identify tasks that never have been billed yet.

Better planning.

  • More precise time data helps in future project planning.

„It’s fun to buzzer“

Finally, time tracking will be really done.

„It’s fast to buzzer“

No writing down minutes from memory at the end of the week.

Keeps running,
and running,
and running…

A working device has to work. Always. No wireless, no empty batteries. The Buzzer is for best desktop experience. On the road, you use the mobile apps or the Desktop Timer.

  • Massive metal body
  • Made in Germany
  • Proximity sensor
  • Multi-color-LED
  • Micro-USB jack
  • Anti-slip base
  • 250 gram

Fits perfectly to your business.

You have customers? And projects? Or customers and cost centers? Or something different? Everything is possible with the flexible timeBuzzer Layers.

All your time entries

Here you find all your time entries. Find today's entries in the dashboard and all past time entries in the list view.

Edit your time entries

Edit your time entries and if necessary add time entries manually. Also perfect if you are simply happy with an online-based time recording.

Filter your time entries

Comprehensive filter and list view options allow you to evaluate your data very detailed and accurately. A full text search in your notes is also possible.

Export to Excel & PDF

Export your time data as an Excel or PDF file. You can apply filters to your time data before conducting the export.

Manage your Team

Manage your team members. Distinguish between administrator, team leader or user. The recorded times of your team can be evaluated.

User Roles

Distinguish between administrator, team leader or user and decide, who can manage projects or can see time entries of other team members.

SSL Encryption

All data connections between our server, the desktop app and mobile apps and also to your browser are SSL encrypted.

Hosting in Germany

All data is hosted in Germany with high security and privacy standards.

my.timebuzzer.com Your online command center​

Relationships made to measure

Assign your items between the layers. You can assign to one, several or all items in the upper layer. For instance, you can assign all projects to the respective customers, and cost centers to some or all projects.

This allows you to optimally adapt timeBuzzer to the needs of your company.

It’s your choice

How do you want to track your time?

With the Buzzer

The Buzzer is the best way you can track your time at your desk. Turning the Buzzer will allow you to navigate through customers or projects and press to start the timer.
  • Windows
  • macOS

With the Mobile App

Track your time with the mobile app from anywhere. Super simple, super fast. Works online and offline. It’s free.

  • iOS
  • Android

With the Desktop Timer

Maybe you’re often on a business trip or you don’t own the hardware buzzer (yet). Just track your time with the desktop timer.
  • Windows
  • macOS

Works with other tools as well.

timeBuzzer works with a bunch of other business apps.If you miss a tool, just tell us what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in developing a connector to other tools, take a look at our partner program.

Check out partner program >

Open API

With the open API you can connect timeBuzzer to your favorite tools. Via open API you can address the timeBuzzer layer system, what allows you to integrate nearly every data model of a third party tool.

You also can use timeBuzzer without the Buzzer.

And it's free for single users.