Time Tracking Software + Buzzer

Time Tracking That Is Fun!

Track your time and improve your time management and future calculations. With the buzzer time tracking is finally fun and makes sure you do it in real-time!
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And this is how it works

timeBuzzer cloud - add or change tasks - set up example

Easy and fast setup

Define your layers and add your clients, projects, tasks or whatever you want to track. Then just install our desktop app and you are ready to go!


Customize your workflow

We know that every organisation is different and has its own workflow.
That’s why we give you full control so you can decide how you track your time!

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Track your time on the road

With our apps for iOS and Android! Synced with the times in your timeBuzzer cloud! 

Powerful Integrations

Connect it to your favorite tools

Already works with many of your favorite business applications.
Further integrations will follow!

timeBuzzer integrations
timeBuzzer team collaboration

Work efficiently with your team

Manage your team and see on what they are currently working. You decide who has which permissions. 

Control device for your desktop

Increase efficiency at your workspace

The buzzer makes using the application faster and more fun! 
On top the buzzer will glow in the color of your project and will remind you if you track your time or not!

timeBuzzer - buzzer

Open API

With our open API you can connect timeBuzzer to your favorite tools. You can also access the flexible layer system via our open API. This allows you to map almost any data model of a third-party solution.

Also works with other tools

timeBuzzer works with many other apps. If you miss a tool, please contact us. If you want to develop an interface to another tool, take a look at our partner program.

Get valuable insights!

Improve future calculations through analyzing your times spent on each projects or clients.

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timeBuzzer cloud - dashboard overview - darkmode

Finally, time tracking is fun!

Choose the right plan for you and your team and get started.

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  • Free account for single user
  • All apps included
  • 30-day money back guarantee
EUR, excl. VAT Shipping see here

Works with other tools as well.

timeBuzzer works with a bunch of other business apps. If you are missing a tool, just tell us what you are looking for. If you’re interested in developing a connector to other tools, take a look at our partner program.

Open API

With the open API you can connect timeBuzzer to your favorite tools. Via open API you can address the timeBuzzer layer system, which allows you to integrate nearly every data model of a third party tool.

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