Simple and smooth
time tracking in real-time.

timeBuzzer makes time tracking across projects so easy that it’s actually done in real time. Know exactly where time is going, increase your billing rate and make sure your projects are always profitable.

Why track in real-time?

Get data you can rely on

After a week people only remember 23% as it’s difficult for people to remember things. This means that retrospectively recorded time is worthless. Switching to daily time tracking increases accuracy by up to 31% if it was previously done once a week or less.

More billable hours

People spend an average of 2.6 hours per day reading and responding to emails alone. This time is usually not billed as it’s hard to capture. timeBuzzer helps to capture and bill this time.

More revenue

Studies estimate that accurate time tracking can generate up to $52,000 per employee per year in potential billable time, assuming a $150 billing rate.

We’ve got you covered

timeBuzzer has everything you need to accurately track time across projects.

Desktop and mobile apps

Track time from anywhere.

Incredibly easy and smooth apps to track time from anywhere.

Available for all popular plattforms:

Hardware Addon

Increase accuracy and adoption.

Hardware that makes it easy for people to track time and actually do time tracking.

timeBuzzer glows in different colors


Manage everything in one place.

All data of you and your team is synced online.

Custom layers

Adapt to any workflow.

With the flexible layer system you can create your own categories on what you track, what allows you to adapt our software perfectly to your workflow.

Consulting/ Law firms
Media/ IT Development
Engineer/ Architecture
Real Estate
Industry/ Production
Other services

Team features

Easily manage and
keep track of your

timeBuzzer was built with teams in mind.


Connect timeBuzzer with tools you use and automate workflows.

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Open API

Build an integration that perfectly fits your needs with our Open API.

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Security &  Privacy

We take your privacy and data security very seriously.

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What others say about us

One of the best solutions we have tested: Quick to integrate into the workflow and intuitively understandable. This makes the system practical for new employees as well.
Andreas D.
Managing Partner, Management Consulting, 11-50 employees, Used the software for: 6-12 months
It offers fast time tracking even of small daily todos, which allows easy billing of customers. You get a good overview of the daily time usage. The Buzzer itself is very high quality manufactured!
Tobias M.
CEO, Internet, 1-10 employees, Used the software for: 6-12 months
I thought I knew how much time i spend on my various projects. How wrong I was. timeBuzzer helped me to find out how much time i really invest into my projects and can therefore plan and monitor much better! Would recommend to just try it out and see for oneself.
Olga L.
Productmanager, Education Management, 201-500 employees, Used the software for: Less than 6 months
It has become an indispensable tool. Recommend it to everyone. Would definitely buy it again
Christoph B.
CEO Design, Self-employed, Used the software for: 1-2 years


Try it now

Get started today.

Sign up for free and start tracking today. You can choose a plan or order hardware add-on later.

Motivate yourself and your team for time tracking. timeBuzzer is fun and helps you!

Understand where time is spent and increase the profitability of your projects.

Save valuable time through easier and faster documentation.

Make your billing easier with complete and reliable time reports.

Increase customer satisfaction through transparent time reports.

Connect your favorite tools via our Open API and address our flexible layer system.

timeBuzzer Cloud

Security & Privacy

All data stored on timeBuzzer is secure and reliable.

Hosting in Germany

ISO 27001 certified data centers

Average uptime of ~99.9%

time tracking that you actually do

One Button Time Tracking!

timeBuzzer takes the stress out of time tracking by combining easy-to-use software with a physical button that lets you track your time in a fun way. Work more efficiently, bill more accurately and make sure your projects are always profitable.

4,7/5 – Reviews on Capterra

Integrates with:

Zapier Integration
Google Calendar Integration

high-quality time tracking device

A Button That Eliminates the Hassle of Time Tracking.

Enables effortless real-time recording that is fun to use. The button lights up in project colors to remind you to record your time.
timeBuzzer glows in different colors
Web- & Desktop Apps

Effortless Time Tracking Software.

Capture your time with the touch of a button and a perfectly tuned desktop application. All data from different people from different applications is synchronized in one place and can be analyzed in your personal web dashboard to gain valuable insights.

Desktop PC - App with Buzzer

Desktop Apps

Mockup - timeBuzzer Cloud/ Webapp

timeBuzzer Cloud

Web App

Mobile Apps

Track your time on the go

With our mobile apps you can track your time even when you are on the road.
Never forget billable hours again!

timeBuzzer mobile app mockup - english version

Mobile Apps


timebuzzer for teams

Work together as a team

Work together as a team and get accurate insights into how much time your team actually spends on different projects. Simplify your billing, enable transparent reporting to your clients, and make sure your projects are always profitable.