Time Tracker for Mac

Time tracking desktop app for Mac makes it effortless to record times at work.
Optional hardware motivates you to track time and helps you actually do it!

What is timeBuzzer?

timeBuzzer is a time tracking app with a special time tracking hardware button for your workstation. Through gamification, time recording is finally fun and makes sure that you actually do it. Boost your business with smarter data, more accurate billing and increased profitability.

How to track time with Mac desktop app?

Step 1

Order timeBuzzer

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Step 2

Create an Account

Registration link comes with your package.

Step 3

Download Mac time tracking app

Account Settings > Desktop Apps > Download “Mac Time Tracker App”

Step 4

Install the app on your PC

Step 5

Start the app

Touch the hardware buzzer to open the app. (Proximity sensor)

No buzzer yet? Order a timeBuzzer package now

Alternatively you can open the app with your mouse in the tray menu (bottom right).

Step 6

Select your project and start the timer

Rotate the buzzer to navigate through your tiles. Press it to select a tile to jump to the next sublevel or to start the time on it.

Afterwards the desktop disappears completely automatically in the background. So you can continue working without closing annoying tabs.

Step 7

Stop the timer

Finished with your task? Press the buzzer to stop time.
Alternatively open the app with your mouse and use your arrow key. (“down”)

Optional: Add a note.

Confirm to save your time entry.

Step 8

Use the web app

All time entries are stored in your personal timeBuzzer account.

There you can evaluate your times and export them as reports.

You can also correct or manually add time entries manually.

timeBuzzer cloud - mockup

Order now and get started!

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