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Tools for Your Succes

Wherever possible we support you!

Creative Materials

We have created a large set of banners, screenshots and videos that help you engage your visitors. Something is missing? Contact us!

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Do’s and don’ts


You will receive 10% commission on each sale, excluding refunds. If you refer someone to our site, they have up to 30 days to buy something so you get credit for the sale. The last affiliate who referred the customer will receive the credit.

The more you refer, the more you earn. There are no limits but note that every lead is carefully reviewed to eliminate the risk of fraud.

A unique hardware that is fun to use

Unlike most other time recording solutions, which are purely software-based, we also offer a high-quality hardware device for the workplace. This ensures that time tracking is fun and people actually record their working time!

Compared to similar devices the big advantage of our hardware is that in combination with our desktop app it allows you to scroll through an unlimited number of projects, clients, etc. Others time tracking devices are usually limited to a small number of projects.

But it’s not just our hardware that is unique. It is also our software. Why?


A flexible software that adapts to basically every workflow

Just about all other time tracking solutions offer their users predefined categories. Mostly it is only projects, sometimes customers and projects and sometimes so-called tags. The problem is: What if a customer wants to record completely different categories? That doesn’t work. The user has to follow the software.

Our software is different. We know that every organization is different and has its own workflow. That’s why we our users full control so they can decide how they track their time!

The user can define up to 3 layers, which he can link together as he likes. How he names these levels is up to him! It does not matter if the user only wants to record his projects or customers and activities or projects, tickets and cost centers. The possibilities are limited only with the imagination of the user.

Payout is via PayPal on the last the day of the following month.
The threshold to get paid is 50$

Yes! As a partner, you may use the images in our press & media kit.

You can find our terms & conditions right here.

  • Support of a dedicated affiliate manager
  • All of our affiliates receive a free “Pro License” for three months so that you can try the full version of our product and speak from the heart when recommending it to others. Real reviews deliver the best results. 
  • Access to attractive visuals and any other creative materials that you require