Track time on Linux. Incredibly smooth.

timeBuzzer is an intuitive time tracking app for Linux that lets you record time as you work, right from your Linux computer.

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What is timeBuzzer?

timeBuzzer makes time tracking across projects so easy that people actually do it in real time. Know exactly where time is going and make sure your projects remain profitable.

How to track with timeBuzzer Linux Time Tracker.

Learn how to track time with the timeBuzzer time tracker app for Linux.

Step 1

Create new account

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Step 2

Download & install app for Linux

Download timeBuzzer time tracking app for Linux.

Step 3

Record time in real-time

Start and stop timer.

Step 4

Edit times manually

Add new times to the timeline manually or edit them using drag and drop.

Step 5

Add notes

Remember what you worked on weeks later.

Step 6

Set reminders & notifications

Never forget to track your time again.


Manage everything in one place.

General administration and reporting is done in the timeBuzzer web console. You can setup your workflow, run reports, create new projects, invite team members, manage your team and much more.

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Desktop Time Tracker for Linux

With timeBuzzer, you and your team can record working hours by any category.
With the time tracking app for Linux desktop, times can be recorded effortlessly at the workplace.
The optional hardware motivates time tracking and helps to actually do it!