Time Tracking Hardware

A physical device for your desk that simplifies time tracking and reminds you to track time so you don’t miss any billable time.

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How it works

Time tracking made intuitive in 3 simple steps.

Touch to open the app

No more endless searching through tabs and windows. To quickly open the app, simply touch the buzzer. Tap again to minimize the app.

"timeBuzzer help us to track time spent on tickets in a natural and organic way."
Gonzalo M.
Support Engineer, Microsoft

Rotate to select activity

To select a different activity, turn the buzzer to scroll through your list at lightning speed. Your favorites are always displayed first.

"The ease with which you can switch between customers and tasks is simply great."
Karsten H.
Freelance Designer
Review on Capterra

Press to record time

To start the timer, press the buzzer. The app minimizes automatically and the LED always shows you whether you are recording correctly. To stop the timer, simply press again.

"The buzzer is my constant companion and always reminds me to record my times."
Joachim G.
Freelance Webdeveloper
Review on Capterra

Product Details

A device, designed for time tracking.

Touch Sensor
Open app without friction.
Multi-Color LED
Reminds you to track time.
A tracker that just works.
125 Gram
Won't slip on your desk.
Ø 8,4 x 3,5cm
Perfect size for every hand.
Money Back Guarantee
Try for 30 days without risk.

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It takes less than 15 minutes to track your first time.

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