EU legislation makes timekeeping mandatory

EU legislation makes timekeeping mandatory

In May 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) passed a law which requires employers to systematically track and record employees working hours.

A union had previously filed a legal complaint at the National Court in Spain, in order to ensure protection of employees from working unpaid overtime hours. The court passed the case on to the ECJ, where the European judges validated the union’s complaint.

As a result, all European member states must require employers to provide appropriate timekeeping systems. Exceptions can be made based on the specific field of work or the size of the company. The members state must now make decisions about these specifics. It is likely that each state will have slightly different specific legislation regarding how working hours must be recorded.

It also remains to be seen how exactly this decision will influence German Employment Laws and which requirements regarding the technical and organizational aspects of the recording of working hours must be fulfilled. The goal is essentially to accurately record working hours and overtime in order to ensure that overtime remains within the legal limits.

Recording working hours quickly and easily with timeBuzzer

Recording working hours is tedious, and now it is the law. But precisely because it is annoying, we invented timeBuzzer. It is our declared goal to make timekeeping as simple and fast as possible.

timeBuzzer is was designed with the intent of the recording of hours worked on a project. However, timeBuzzer is also ideal for simply recording employee’s total working hours without further distinctions. Simply create a single project (e.g. with the title “my work time”) and use the Buzzer to start, or to stop recording for lunch and at the end of the day. It is just as simple to use our mobile app when you are on the road. In the end, you have a record of all the hours worked and can accurately determine overtime hours worked as well.

Working with projects
Most of our customers use timeBuzzer to track the hours worked on projects, processes or clients. When time is recorded according to such categories, a complete record of hours worked is automatically created and can be used to determine the number of overtime hours worked. If there hours cannot be clearly assigned to clients or projects, it is useful to have a category named “miscellaneous” or “in-house” to record these hours. This results in a complete record of hours worked.

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