A new way to track time for Asana

Automatically import projects and tasks from Asana and track your time at the touch of a button.

How to setup

Connect timeBuzzer with Asana via integration platforms.

Sign up for an integration platform

With the help of integration platforms, you can set up custom integrations for thousands of applications, such as Asana, with just a few clicks.

Sign up to Zapier or Make to set up your first workflow in a few minutes.


Which integration platform shall I choose?



Set up your workflows

Integration platforms allow you to easily set up automation workflows. Every workflow consist of a trigger and an action.

You can find all available triggers and actions for Asana here:

In many cases, there are also workflow templates that you can use.

Record your time with timeBuzzer

Download easy-to-use apps to effortlessly record your time.

Apps are available for MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

A physical buzzer for your desktop to remind you to track your time.

Keep track of your time

All times are synchronized with your timeBuzzer web console, so you can analyze your time and easily create transparent time reports or export your data to other programs.


Most frequent questions.

Zapier and Make are both integration platforms that basically do the same thing, but differ in detail.

How you choose the right integration platform:

  1. Check app availability (Zapier Apps and Make Apps)
  2. Check whether the required triggers and actions are available

Our experience:

  • While Zapier supports more applications than Make, Make’s integrations often have more available triggers and actions.
  • Make is often more flexible, but also requires more technical knowledge than Zapier, which was developed specifically for non-programmers and is therefore easier to use in our experience.

Generating an API key for timeBuzzer is easy.

  1. Simply login to your timeBuzzer account.
  2. Go to settings > API > Generate an unqiue API key

Note: In Teams, only account administrators can generate API keys and set up integrations.

Feel free to contact us at: support@timebuzzer.com

Get Started

It takes less than 15 minutes to track your first time.

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