How to Use timeBuzzer as a Lawyer or Attorney

timeBuzzer - time tracking use case for lawyers and attorneys

Find out how you as a lawyer or attorney can get the most out of the software. For inspiration, here is an example of how others use the timeBuzzer time tracking software.

#Step 1

Define your layers

You could for example track your time spent on different clients, cases and activities!

timeBuzzer - define your layers as a lawyer or attorney
arrow pointing to the right
#Step 2

Add your clients, cases and activities

It is super simple!

timeBuzzer - add or change clients as a lawyer or attorney
arrow pointing to the left
#Step 3

Track your time!

Either with our desktop or mobile apps!

timeBuzzer desktop app mockup with buzzer and mobile app
timeBuzzer desktop app - layer example for lawyers and attorneys
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#Step 4

Benefit from your data!

All times are saved in your personal dashboard.

Get valuable insights. See where you earn revenue. Report to your clients.

timeBuzzer cloud - dashboard overview - mockup light mode
timeBuzzer cloud - dashboard overview - darkmode
#Step 5

Conncect with your colleagues...

…and your favorite tools!
timeBuzzer team collaboration

...and your favorite tools!

timeBuzzer integrations

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