Inviting and managing users

In this article you will learn more about timeBuzzer for teams.

Track time in team

You can invite your team members to your account, so you can track time together. There are different user roles to decide who can see and do what. The entire team is managed by the administrator as well as the managers via the web console, the apps of all users are automatically set up and synchronized and the recorded time data of all users is consolidated in the web console so that it can be used for reporting.

Inviting users

Here’s how to invite new team members:

  1. Log into the web console
  2. Go to “Team
  3. Click on “Invite team member”
  4. Enter email, first and last name
  5. Select user roles
  6. Click “Invite”

If a user already created an own account on the homepage, you won’t be able to invite this email address, as its already created a separate account. To invite the user to your team account, there are two options:

  • The user can contact us to close the account
  • The user can change the e-mail address of his separate account in the profile settings so that the address becomes free again. You can read how to change profile settings in the next section.

Edit user profiles

Here’s how to edit user profiles of your team members:

  1. Log into the web console
  2. Go to “Team
  3. Click on a team member in the list
  4. Make changes
  5. Click “Save changes”

Deactivating users (Inactive)

Team members cannot be completely deleted to avoid historical data distortion.
Instead, team members can be deactivated. Users that are set to “inactive” can no longer log in to their account and will free up a seat for another team member. (Only active users require a seat)

Here’s how to deactivate a team member:

  1. Log into the web console
  2. Go to “Team
  3. Click on a team member in the list
  4. Set status to “Inactive”
  5. Click “Save changes”

Roles and permissions

With the help of different user roles you can decide who can see and do what. Learn more about the different user roles and permissions and how they differ.

Managing user seats

Each active user requires a seat (license). If you have more active members than seats, Pro features will be temporarily disabled. We recommend to pay for additional seats in advance if you plan to add more members. Alternatively, you can deactivate inactive team members to free up seats.

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