Track time on Linux

In this article you will learn more about the Linux desktop app.

What is timeBuzzer Linux app?

The desktop app for Linux lets you record time as you work, right from your desktop.

It can be controlled either via mouse and keyboard, or via a specially designed physical button that helps remind time tracking and build habits faster. When it comes to time tracking, this is usually the biggest pain point as it is often forgotten and estimates at the end of the week are time consuming and the data is highly inaccurate.

We believe that time tracking needs to be simple and smooth so that it is actually used and does not distract from the actual work. That’s why the timeBuzzer apps are kept as streamlined as possible, and more complex actions such as setting up layers, managing tiles or viewing analytics are accessible via the web console.

Video: How it works


Here you can download the desktop app for Linux:

Download the Linux app


With the desktop app, you can start a timer as follows:

  • Select a tile in every layer
  • Click the black button in the middle (or press physical button)
  • When you’re done, stop the timer in the same way

Add time manually

With the desktop app, you can add a time entry manually as follows:

  • Click “Add time” in timeline tools
  • Select layers
  • Optional: Add a note
  • Click “Save”

Alternatively, you can click and drag to add new time entries to your timeline.

Edit time entries

With the desktop app, you can edit a time entry as follows:

  • Click on a time entry in your timeline
  • Make changes
  • Click “Save”

Alternatively, you can drag and drop time entries in your timeline.

Delete time entries

With the mobile app, you can delete a time entry as follows:

  • Click on “Times”
  • Swipe left on a time entry
  • Click “Trash” icon

Sync data, offline mode

If an Internet connection is available, the app synchronizes with the web console regularly. If you want to initiate a synchronization manually, you can click “Sync with web console”. You can also record time without an internet connection. All recorded time entries are saved locally and synchronized as soon as you are online again.

Manage preferences

You can customize various settings in the app to suit your preferences.

General settings

  • Choose Theme: Light, dark or adapt to system
  • Choose Language: English and German
  • Change font size in the app
  • Launch app minimized
  • Hide taskbar/ dock icon


If you are using a physical buzzer you can make additional settings. Learn more about the physical buzzer and available settings.

Reminders and notifications

You can enable notifications and set reminders to not forget time tracking and stay in control of your time. To receive the notifications, you need to make sure that you have enabled notifications for timeBuzzer in your operating system.


Under “Advanced” you will find more specific settings:

  • Keyboard control allows you to set the key combination to open and close the app.
  • “Show favorites only” allows you to display only your favorite tiles in the app. All others will be hidden and not displayed.
  • Select app version channel allows you to subscribe to Beta or Alpha channel.

Proxy & firewall

In order to make timeBuzzer work also for restriced office environments you can enable proxy and connect it to the company’s proxy server. For timeBuzzer to work, communication with the timeBuzzer server must be guaranteed. Therefore please make sure that your firewall does not block the timeBuzzer URL.


80 (http)
443 (https)

You may have to ask your IT department for this. If you have further questions feel free to contact us.

Move buzzer position

You can click on the buzzer in the app and move it horizontally. This way you can either create more space for longer tile names or for your notes.

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