In this article you will learn more about the integration possibilities to connect timeBuzzer with other tools.

Open API #

timeBuzzer is based on a REST API that allows connecting any application that offers an open API aswell.

You can create items like projects, clients or tasks, you can create and edit time entries and receive new time entries via webhooks.

For more instructions visit the timeBuzzer developer area.

Or have a look here:

Automation platforms #

Automation platforms let you connect apps and automate workflows with just a few clicks. In this way, for example, newly created projects in your existing project management tool can also be created automatically in timeBuzzer.

Available platform integrations:

On our website you can find more information about integrations and application examples.

Partner integrations #

There are also further options to integrate timeBuzzer into existing solutions for timeBuzzer partners. Learn more about partner integrations.

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