Introduction to timeBuzzer

In this article you will learn more about timeBuzzer and how to get started.

What is timeBuzzer? #

timeBuzzer is a time tracking solution that allows you to effortlessly track your time or that of your entire team across projects to understand where time is going and increase billing rates.

Who uses timeBuzzer? #

Most of our customers are freelancers and small and medium-sized teams.
Due to its powerful layer system and flexible adaptation to any workflow, timeBuzzer is industry-independent, which is why our customers come from a wide range of industries. However, the following industries are the most common:

  • IT/ Web/ Media/ Design
  • Consulting/ Law firm
  • Engineering/ Architects
  • Tourism/ Real Estate

Main use cases are:

  • Bill accurately and increase billable hours
  • Understanding where time is going
  • Improve productivity and time management

How to get started? #

Getting started with timeBuzzer is easy.

  1. Create a new account
  2. Optional: Order hardware
  3. Start your free trial
  4. Setup layers
  5. Setup tiles
  6. Get desktop app
  7. Get mobile app
  8. Start time tracking
  9. View insights
  10. Create a report
  11. Optional: Invite team

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